Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fantasy genre

Fantasy works for some teens but not for others. Check out what these teens had to say about their favorite genres:

"[I like] fantasy because they are interesting."
-- Ambrea, 13

"I love adventure with heroes of all kinds."
-- Christine, 13

"[I like] fantasy. It explains me."
-- Cory, 14

"I read fantasy because I'm interested in learning about life."
-- Kelsey, 12

"[I like] fiction because it's made up but still feels real."
-- Nicole, 14

"My favorite genre is survival because it is normally very suspenseful and involves a character being put in life-or-death situations."
-- Haley, 12

"I read young adult fantasy and fairy tales. I love to read so I'll read just about anything."
-- Ashley, 15

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