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Shusterman, Neil. Everlost. New York: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, 2006.

Annotation: Two children end up in Everlost after a car accident, a world between life and death, and they explore it.

Book talk:
Do you know what happens when you die? What would you do in the afterlife if you had all eternity to do it? Well, Nick and Allie find out that death is not what they expected. They are in a car accident, but they don’t make it to their final destination after they die. Instead, they are bumped out of the tunnel of light early and end up in Everlost, a place on Earth between the dead and the living that resembles Earth but has magical qualities. It is full of ghost children who run wild and is a place where they can’t stay still too long or they will sink to the center of the Earth. In Everlost, they want explore and to find out what happened to them and their families and maybe even find a way back to the living. And they do just that while discovering, and sometimes breaking, the strange world’s rules and avoiding the monster. Find out if Nick and Allie will reach their final destination or if they are Everlost.

Audio of the beginning of Everlost from bluehound6 at YouTube:

Teen Recommended:
"The story pulls me into [Everlost]. I get pulled into the plot. Everlost and Everwild have interesting stories about what people do after they die and finding a way back."
-- Kyle, 16

  • Garden State Teen Book Award Nominee (NJ),
  • Isinglass Teen Read List Selection,
  • PEN USA Literary Award Finalist

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