Friday, December 2, 2011

Geek Fantasy Novel

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Archer, E. Geek Fantasy Novel. New York: Scholastic Press, 2011.

Annotation: Ralph goes to England to set up his cousin’s wireless network but ends up in a magical journey based on his cousins’ wishes.

Book talk:
Wishes can be dangerous if they ever came true, which is why Ralph’s parents are adamant against making wishes. Other than that, Ralph leads a pretty average geeky life where he is good at computers and gaming. Then one summer, extended family invite him to England to set up their wireless network, and Ralph finds out why his parents are against wishes. His cousins’ wishes send him on a magical journey of a lifetime full of exploding rabbits, enslaved fairies, murdering unicorns, evil aunts and a snow queen that come to life in this unusual fantasy tale that breaks the rules and has a narrator who can’t keep his opinions to himself. Being a geek isn't always geeky.

Teen Recommended:
“A funny book with a twist. Never-ending mystery until the end.”
-- Christine, 13

Awards: None

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